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Unique's Mortgage : The Home Of Possibility.

Completely employee-owned, we’re driven with a passion for always improving the mortgage process by finding the right types of loans, with rates that work for you. You can be sure that we have a real stake in providing you with the best experience possible. We enjoy what we do, and are committed to making it enjoyable for you. We’re here for you, 24/7, and we always close loans on time, that is our promise.

Mortgage Loan

If you plan to buy your own home for yourself and your family but worried about the problem of bank mortgages. We will provide you with a professional plan. Let you quickly get a bank home loan at the bank.

Home Refinancing

You have multiple houses. You can mortgage your home in exchange for cash to solve financial problems. Let you know more about the benefits and efficient solutions of mortgaged homes

Increase Your Chance of Approval Today!

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Happier Customers

Customer Portfolio

Unique Group consultant will accessing and understanding customer portfolio & property details by giving out the best financial solution before the loan submission.


CTOS Report

After that, our financial consultant will collect finance documentation from client and also review their CTOS REPORT for searching the most suitable bank for loan submission.


High Approval Rate

Lastly, as soon as the clien’s loan is approved by the bank , client start to enjoying lowest interest rate & fast approval achieve their mortgages loan or home refinancing plan. 


Effortless & Quick Loan Applications For You

We will assign one dedicated personal mortgage broker from our company to assist with your loan application.

Favorable Interest Rate

Enjoy a low rates on the loan your applied.

High Approval Rate Loan

High success rate based on profile assessment


Incorporate with 15 banks in Malaysia

HSBC Amanah Home Smart-i

Flexi Loan
- New Base Rate : 2.39%
- Profit Rate : 3.00% (BR + 0.61%)
- Lock in Period : None

Public Bank 5 Home Plan

Flexi Loan
- New Base Rate : 2.27%
- Interest Rate : 3.10% (BR + 0.83%)
- Lock in Period : 3 Years

Maybank HouzKEY

Term Loan
- New Base Rate : 1.75%
- Profit Rate : 2.88% (BR + 1.13%)
- Lock in Period : 1 Year

Alliance ONE Account

Term Loan
- New Base Rate : 2.57%
- Interest Rate : 3.11% (BR + 0.54%)
- Lock in Period : 3 Years

Get a less hassles + high approval rate mortgage loan quickly now!